The Advanced Camera Settings are Missing after Upgrading to Cisco Webex Meetings Suite (WBS) 39.8

The advanced camera settings are missing after upgrading to Cisco Webex Meetings Suite (WBS) 39.8

Why are my web camera properties in Cisco Webex Meetings missing?

The advance camera properties are no longer available in my meetings.

Unable to zoom, tilt and pan my camera settings within Webex Meetings.


Note: This article applies to Webex Meetings and Events on Webex Business Suite (WBS) 39.8.

Starting with Webex Business Suite 39.8, the advanced webcam properties have been removed from the Cisco Webex Meetings clients for Windows and Mac. The camera properties can be changed from the camera settings on your computer.

Windows 10
The webcam shows horizontal stripes, is too dark, or cannot decide on what to focus. 
you probably need to set some webcam settings manually. There is no-built way in Win 10, to access these settings, see:

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