From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Settings, scroll to Authentication, and then click Modify.


To turn SSO off, click Select the Use the built-in identity service for user authentication. (Simple).

A popup window appears that warns you about disabling SSO:

If you disable SSO, passwords are managed by the cloud instead of your IdP configuration.


If you understand the impact of disabling SSO and want to proceed, click OK.

In Control Hub, you'll see a message that says that SSO is disabled and that user authentication is now using the simple built-in identity service.

For Cisco Webex Teams user accounts created before you disabled SSO, users may receive this email which directs them to a password setup process

What to do next

If you or the customer reconfigure SSO for the customer organization, user accounts will go back to using the password policy that is set by the IdP that is integrated with the Webex organization.