You can start or join Webex Personal Room meetings and Webex scheduled meetings directly from Slack if you set up your team to use the Cisco Webex Meetings app within Slack. You can send a message to share your Webex Personal Room link or a specific meeting link for a later meeting. You can also click the call button to start a meeting instantly in your Webex Personal Room. Clicking the Call button shares the Personal Room link in the channel. To use Webex with Slack, you must have a host account on a valid Cisco Webex site.

If your Webex administrator links users' Slack accounts with their Webex accounts, you can schedule Webex meetings in Slack and view of list of upcoming Webex meetings that you scheduled or are invited to in Slack. From the meeting list, you can join Webex meetings that you're invited to and start or cancel Webex meetings that you host.

The Cisco Webex Meetings app for Slack doesn't support accounts on, on, or on Cisco Webex Meetings Server sites.

The timezone and language that the Webex app in Slack uses is based on your Slack preferences and not the OS settings or your Webex site settings.

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You can submit feedback about Cisco Webex Meetings for Slack from any channel or direct message in Slack.


In a channel or direct message, type /webexhelp feedback.


In the Feedback dialog box, select a feedback type and enter a description before selecting Submit.

The confirmation message, Thank you for your feedback appears in the direct message or channel after you submit it.

You can also send feedback to us at

Contacting support varies depending on your Cisco Webex site and service provider. If you purchase Cisco Webex through a partner or reseller, contact their support desk for assistance. Refer to the following article for steps to contact support: