If your device is new or has been reset:

  • Room or desk device: Choose the Cisco Webex call service in the First Time Setup Wizard. On the registration screen, select Proxy options.

  • Board: Directly select Proxy options on the registration screen.

If your device is already activated:

  • Tap the device name on the home screen, and then tap Settings. Scroll to Network and service and tap Network connection. On the next screen, scroll to Advanced network settings and tap Proxy settings.

Alternatively, if your device is currently activated and connected to a Wi-Fi network you can access the Proxy settings by tapping Wi-Fi at the top of the Network connection screen, and then tapping the gear icon next to the selected network.


Choose Manual from the Proxy options. Enter the Proxy Host IP address/FQDN and the Proxy Port number.


If you want to use Digest authentication:

  1. Toggle Proxy server requires authentication on.

  2. Enter a Username and a Passphrase.


When you are finished, tap the checkmark on the top right of the screen.