Bots in Webex

Bots can help to extend the functionality in Webex to include a third-party app. You can add bots to Webex spaces and interact directly with the third-party app from the space. When you've added the bot to the space you can send a help message to the bot and the response includes the commands that the bot supports.

You can add a bot to any type of space. Add a bot to your project space with other people and interact directly with the third-party app in your space. Or you can create a space with just you and the bot to interact with the third-party app.

The Cisco Webex App Hub contains a catalog of bots and apps developed by Cisco and third-party developers.

Cards in Webex

Bots can present information within Webex in various ways. However, using cards makes it easier for users to interact directly with the bot’s response to a command. You can select from drop-down menus, use buttons, and even use text fields to update and gather information.

For more information on the cards framework, see

You can report any issues on the bot with cards to

Add the Smartsheet Bot

You can add the Smartsheet bot to any Webex space.


Go to Messaging and choose a space to add the Smartsheet bot.


You can also create a new space with just the Smartsheet bot.


Choose People, click Add People and enter the Smartsheet bot name:


Click Link Smartsheet Account, sign in with your Smartsheet account information and choose an authorization name.


In the Webex space enter help and send the message.


If you’re in a group space, you’ll need to mention the bot directly by typing @smartsheet help.

Manage Smartsheet Notifications

You can create new notifications or manage existing notifications for changes to be notified right within Webex.


In the space with the Smartsheet bot, enter help and send the message.


Click Manage Notifications and the bot will return a link to manage notifications from your browser. Select a notification type or edit an existing notification:


Enter a name for your notification, choose your authorization, and configure the remaining notification settings.


Customize which notification triggers for Sheet Updated notifications

Find a Sheet

You can search for sheet details using the Smartsheet app.


In the space with the bot, enter help and send the message.


Click Find Sheet and type in which sheet you’d like to search for.

When you find the sheet, you’ll be able to quickly add a comment, share the sheet with others, or add a row to the bottom of the sheet.