Cisco Jabber supports Android wear that has Android OS 5.0 or later and Google Play service 8.3 or later.

To use Cisco Jabber from your Android Wear:

  1. Install the Android Wear app in your device.

  2. Turn on the Bluetooth in your Android device.

  3. Connect your Android Wear to your Android device using the Android Wear app.

  4. Download Cisco Jabber for Android from Google Play Store and install it in your Android device.

If you uninstall Cisco Jabber form your device then it is removed from your Android Wear.
Cisco Jabber in your Android Wear provides these features:
  • View your photo, missed calls count, and unread messages count in the home page.

    In your Android Wear:

    • To view pages, swipe right.

    • To close a page, swipe left.

  • View your chat history and the unread messages count on Chats page.

  • View your recent call activity on Recents page. Tap a contact to call back.

  • View your chat messages, and reply with a message or emoticons or call.

  • View your incoming calls, and accept it or decline it or send a quick message.

  • Receive group chat notification, you can swipe right and tap Join, or swipe right twice and tap Decline.

  • Play and pause the voicemail.