Get Started with Cisco Spark Control Hub

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When you get started with your Cisco Spark organization, we recommend inviting a couple of users to join Cisco Spark by entering their email addresses. Encourage them to use the services you provide, play with them, and provide you feedback. At any point, you can always add more users.

We recommend that you use the latest desktop version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access Cisco Spark Control Hub. Other browsers may produce unexpected results.


Cisco Spark Control Hub is not designed for mobile devices.

Get Started

Use Cisco Spark Control Hub to manage your users, services and devices. After your organization is created, you may receive an email.

Click on the Getting Started link using Chrome or Firefox to access Cisco Spark Control Hub. Your administrator email address is automatically used to sign in where you'll be prompted to create your Cisco Spark administrator password.

First Time Wizard for Trials

After you sign in, the setup wizard automatically starts if this is a trial. You can review your services, and you can set up your Meeting, Calling, Messaging, Enterprise, and Care services.

Cisco Spark Control Hub

When the Cisco Spark Control Hub loads, you can review your settings.

Add Users

Now that you have set up your services, you're ready to add people from your company directory. Go to Users and click Manage Users.

Choose one of the available methods to add users, we recommend that you use Enable directory synchronization, and then click Next and follow the instructions to set up Cisco Directory Connector.

Set Up Single Sign On (SSO)

Cisco Spark uses basic authentication. You can choose to set up SSO so that people only need to authenticate once.

Go to Settings, scroll to Authentication, click Modify, and then select Integrate a 3rd-party identity provider.

Assign Services to Users

After adding users, you can assign various Cisco Spark services so that people can start using Cisco Spark.

Go to Users, click Manage Users, select Export and import users with a CSV file, and then click Export.

In the file you download, simply add True for the services you want to assign to each of your users.

Import the completed file, click Add and remove services, and then click Submit.