View Classic Reports

Classic reports in Control Hub are the same as the reports in Site Administration. The Classic Reports tab is only available if you manage your site in Control Hub.

These reports are for your general use and shouldn't be used for billing purposes.

From the customer view in, go to Reports.


Select Classic Reports.


Use the drop-down list to select a Webex Meetings site if your organization has multiple sites.

On the Classic Reports page, the following reports are available:

Meetings in Progress

Use this report to monitor all ongoing meetings simultaneously. Site administrators can see the Topic, Host, and Start Time for each meeting.

Meetings Usage

The Webex Meetings Usage Report contains data about how many participants attended a session and how many minutes a session lasted. Site administrators can sort the report by date, topic, username, and start time. Use these statistics to see frequent topics for an organization and to help decide when to meet.

For more information about how to read a usage report, see Usage Report Terms and Definitions.

Recording Usage

Site administrators can use the Recording Usage Report to view how much storage was used for recordings in the last 90 days. Use this report to determine if more space must be allocated for recordings.

Site Configuration Audit Log

The Site Configuration Audit Log lists administrative details, changes made, and when changes occurred. Site administrators can use the audit log to test out new configuration settings that might be easier to use for your users.


Report output varies depending on the site configuration. To see which settings are typically included, see the Webex Site Configuration Log.

Storage Usage

Site administrators can use this report to see the total recording storage that is used, recording storage that is used by each host, and the total recording storage available. Determine how much recording storage to allocate for each user by using the data in the Storage Usage Report.

Storage Usage Reports include usage for:

  • MP4 recordings

  • ARF recordings

  • Uploaded recordings

  • Disabled recordings

  • Recordings in trash

  • Chats in Webex Events recordings

  • Uploaded files

Webex Events Overview Page

Use the Webex events Overview page to access quick events, registrants, attendees, and download summaries for a site. Site administrators can use this report to analyze how many users have participated in different events.

The following Dashboard Reports are available for site administrators:

  • Program, Event, and Recording Summary

  • Scheduled Event Dashboard

  • Held Event and Recording Download Dashboard

  • Webex Event Report Templates

Site administrators can save reports directly to the Overview page, and also see the Report Download History for the last three generated reports.

Held Events

The Held Events Summary shows how many registrants, attendees, and recording downloads there were for completed events. As a site administrator, you can see data for the current day, week, month, and past months. This information shows registration and attendance ratios, and interactions with held events.

Report Templates

Customize Webex Events Report Templates to collect and analyze specific data about events. After you edit what fields appear in a specific report, the changes are reflected in the Dashboard Reports on the Webex Events overview page.

Scheduled Events

The Scheduled Events Summary shows the upcoming events for the next 3 months. Site administrators can also see the number of events and registrants for events for the current day, week, or month. Use this data to determine if you have to promote an upcoming event to encourage attendance.

Site Summary

The Site Summary shows how the programs, scheduled events, held events, and recordings there are on a site. The report also distinguishes between publicly listed and unlisted events, to help you gauge the level of security you're implementing in your organization. Use the Site Summary information to see if listing more events can increase the user participation and interaction that occurs on a site.

Training Usage

The Webex Training Usage Report provides statistics for every session that was held in the past year. Use these statistics to see what topics repeatedly come up for an organization.


You can use the Webex Training Attendees Report to view the session history or a list of future registered events for attendees. Use this data to understand attendee participation within organization, and to help decide whether sessions need to be promoted


You can use the Recordings Report to see what users were registered for recorded Webex Training sessions, and which users accessed the recorded sessions. Use this data to learn about how participants interact in and return to held sessions.


You can use the Registration Report to view all registered attendees in past and scheduled sessions. Use the report data to determine what hosts and sessions are popular with attendees, and when attendees register for sessions.

Support Sessions

The Webex Support Session Report shows a customer service representative's (CSR's) interactions in specific date ranges and queues. Use this report to track how long customers are waiting and how long sessions are for each CSR.

Allocation Queues

Use the Allocation Queue Report to compare planned allocations of service requests against actual allocations of service requests. This data can also show the proportion of customers who are gained or lost due to reallocation. Use this report to determine how to reallocate queues and provide a better customer experience.

Call Volume

The Webex Support Call Volume Report shows the average call and wait times for sessions. Use this data to see if more resources must be allocated toward customer service, and to see how quickly CSR's complete sessions.

CSR Activities

The Webex Support CSR Activities Report shows statistics about each CSR for a site. Use this information to see how many sessions each CSR has finished in a date range, and determine how to optimize session efficiency for an organization.

URL Referral

The Webex Support URL Referral Report shows the number of requested and successful sessions for all the URLs on a site. Filter results within a date range to see when traffic is high and what locations sessions are requested most often.