Before you begin

Office Anywhere must be set up for your location by your administrator.


Go to and select Webex Calling.


From the Calling User Portal, go to Call Settings.


Toggle on Office Anywhere.


Click Add Another "Location" to add a phone number to be used as your Office Anywhere number.


Enter the Name and Phone Number.

As soon as you add a phone number, the number is active. To deactivate, uncheck the box next to the phone number.


Click More Options to enable any of the following settings for this phone number:

  • Do Not Forward Calls—Your calls aren't forwarded, even if you have call forwarding enabled.
  • Answer Configuration—When someone calls you, they're prompted to press a key before being connected. Use this option if you want your callers to know that their call is automatically going to your Office Anywhere number.
  • Call Control—You can use your system's feature access codes on your Office Anywhere devices.

To alert your Office Anywhere phones when you place click-to-dial calls from the Calling User Portal, check Alert all enabled "Locations" for Click-to-Dial.


Click Save.