Go to https://www.webex.com/webexfromserviceproviders-downloads.html to get Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. For the latest Webex App version information and to learn about new features, check out Webex | What’s New.

For Webex App for Windows, you can choose a 32-bit or 64-bit installation, check your system type to see which installation you must use:

  • On Windows 7, Start menu > All Programs open Accessories, then open System tools and select System Information.

  • On Windows 8 or Windows 10, in the window search area enter system information.

For Webex App for Mac, you can also choose a Mac OS Intel or Mac OS Apple M1 chip, installation for Webex, check your system type to see which installation to use:

  • Open the Apple Menu, then select About This Mac. In the Overview tab look for Processor or Chip and check if it's Intel or Apple.

To verify that you can use the app on your device or web browser, check Webex | System Requirements and Support Policy.