Activate a quiz

Slido is available in Webex Meetings and Webex Webinars. You use can Slido in Webex Meetings on version 41.6 and later sites, and in Webex Webinars on version version 41.9 and later sites. Slido polls and Q&A in webinars are available for up to 10,000 attendees, while quizzes are available for up to 5,000 participants.

Activating a quiz is not the same as activating other types of polls. To activate a single poll question or a survey, see Activate or deactivate a poll in Slido.


During a meeting or webinar, go to Apps > Slido.


Select the Slido that contains the quiz.


If you select the wrong Slido, click > Switch event.


On the Polls tab, click Launch Launch beside the quiz.


Click First question when you're ready to show it to participants.

As participants send their answers, you'll see the poll results update.


Do one of the following:

  • If the question isn't timed, click Lock voting when you're ready to close voting on this question. Click Reveal answer when you want share the results including correct answer with participants.
  • If the question is timed, click Reveal answer after the time is up.

When you're ready to show the next question, click Next question, and repeat the previous step.

To announce the top 5 winners, click Reveal leaderboard.


Skip this step if you don't want to show the leaderboard


Click Deactivate quiz Deactivate quiz or Close quiz to end the quiz.