Webex Assistant for Devices is available on:

  • Room Series devices

  • Webex Boards

  • Desk Pro

To use Webex Assistant for Devices, it needs to be enabled for your organization.

You can use Webex Assistant to join meeting, call Personal Rooms, control your device, and much more. To start using Webex Assistant, say "OK Webex..." and your command. To close Webex Assistant, say "Dismiss".

To get the most out of Webex Assistant, connect your Webex app to the room device or board for a personalized experience. To read more about connecting your Webex app to a room device or board, see Choose a Cisco Webex Device to Use with Cisco Webex App.

Below are some example use cases on how to use Webex Assistant. All Webex Assistant voice commands work similarly to the examples you can find in this article. To find the complete list of available commands, see the Get Started with Webex Assistant article.

Webex Assistant doesn't respond when the device is muted. To continue using it, unmute the device from the Touch 10 controller or the Webex Board.

If a Touch 10 controller is available, you can toggle proactive prompts on and off from an individual device. See Toggle Proactive Join On and Off for Webex Assistant.

To use Proactive Join, the meeting room needs to be added in the invitation in the same way as you enable One Button to Push meetings. Read here how to schedule a Webex Meeting from your calendar.


If the room is booked for a meeting, Webex Assistant asks if you wish to join it.

The prompt to join meetings is available 30 seconds before the meeting is scheduled to start. It disappears 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time.


To join the meeting, say “Yes” or “Join”, and the device joins the meeting. If you don't wish to join, say "Dismiss".


Use the wake-word “OK Webex” to start your command. If you want to call someone using their name, say “OK Webex, call Barbara”.


You can also call by using a number or by spelling a name. Say "OK Webex, call B-A-R-B-A-R-A".

You can only call to local phone numbers. Extension and other internal numbers are not supported.


Webex Assistant shows you options from the directory. Either scroll through the suggestions, by saying “Show me more”, or choose an option and say “Option 1”.


When you have selected an option, Webex Assistant starts a call to that person.

You can only join Personal Rooms of people in your organization.


Say "OK Webex, join Barbara's Personal Room".


Webex Assistant gives you options based on the name you used. Find the one you want to join and say "Option 1".

Webex Assistant joins the Personal Room.


On the Touch 10 or Webex Board, select that you're not the host and you are added to the meeting.

To join your Personal Room meeting (PMR), you need to be connected to the device with your Webex app.


Say "OK Webex, join my Personal Room".


Webex Assistant asks you to confirm that you want to join this room. Say "Yes".

Webex Assistant joins your Personal Room.


On the Touch 10 or Webex Board, select that you're the host and enter the pin code. The meeting starts.


To check what Webex Assistant can help you with, ask “OK Webex, what can you do?”.

To scroll through the items, swipe the Touch 10 or Webex Board screen.


When you find a task you want to do, start your voice command with "OK Webex...".

If you want to close the help menu, say "Dismiss".