A Host Only has the Option to 'End Meeting' when Leaving a Web Meeting, the Audio Conference Ends

A Host only has the Option to 'End Meeting' when leaving a Web Meeting, the audio conference ends.

I don't have the option to 'Leave Meeting' when joined as the host.

When clicking on 'End Meeting' the integrated audio conference for my meeting also ends.

I can't continue the audio conference when I end my web meeting.

The audio conference in a web meeting ends if the host ends the meeting.

For any standard Webex meeting that was scheduled as an online meeting, the host will only have the option to 'End Meeting' if no other participants are joined into the online web meeting.

If the host ends the meeting, any associated audio conference will also end, even if there are audio only participants on the call.

This is by design as audio conferences scheduled as part of an online Webex meeting may not continue without the host. This limitation applies even if audio-only participants were joined together in the teleconference before the host joined and started the online meeting.

Options to continue the meeting and audio conference without the host:

  • Have another participant join the online web meeting, then pass the host role to the participant.
  • Schedule the meeting as a Personal Conference meeting and use the Teleconference Keep Alive option.
The Personal Conference may be escalated to an online meeting by the host.

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