What are the Limitations for System Wakeup on Webex Room OS Devices?

What are the limitations for System Wakeup on Webex Room OS devices?

Which endpoints support system wakeup on Webex Room OS?

What System Wakeup settings are enabled by default on Webex Room OS devices?



  • Halfwake is enabled for all products including SX10(N) and DX70, but the config for this setting is not available for any products (only remote support user)
  • WakeupOnMotionDetection is enabled for all products by default except for the
    • SX10(N)
    • DX70
    • DX80
This means that for the affected products mentioned above, the system will not automatically wake up based on motion detection. It will wake up if you pair a Cisco Spark Client to the system or tap the Touch panel / Pick up the remote.
  • Tapping the Touch 10 panel/screen of DX70 or picking up the remote (SX10/SX20) will take the system to Awake state, after 2 minutes of inactivity it will go to halfwake as the other products.
  • Customers have the ability to ENABLE WakeupOnMotionDetection manually, But this feature does not work very well due to a hardware limitation. Customers who complain that this does not work well should be advised to DISABLE the WakeupOnMotionDetection as it is not supported for these devices:
    • SX10(N)
    • DX70

Technical reasons for not supporting SX10(N) and DX70 for WakeupOnMotionDetection today are:
  • DX70 has a HW lowpass filter on the microphone. The effect of this is that only a small amount of ultrasound is picked up, so the feature does not work well. The DX80 has the feature disabled by default, as it does not fit the normal use case for this type of system, but it will work if it is enabled manually.
  • SX10 uses a different clock on microphone and speaker which causes drifting. Today's WakeupOnMotionDetection does not handle this very well, so the feature does not work well
Note: This feature may work for SX10 and DX70 in the future as development is looking for solutions.

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