What are the Usability Impacts During/After a Site Upgrade?

The usability impacts are as follows:

What are the usability impacts during/after a site upgrade?

Will site settings change if a site gets upgraded?

Where can I find details about changes to my site after maintenance or upgrades?

What changes will happen when a site gets upgraded to new version?

Will scheduled meetings be affected if a site gets upgraded?


The usability impacts are as follows:

  • The standard maintenance window for site upgrades is 7 PM - 11:59 PM  Pacific Time.
  • During this maintenance period, access to the primary Cisco Webex website will be redirected to the secondary system. While on the secondary system, all Cisco Webex services will be functioning properly, however as a precaution we encourage hosts to avoid scheduling sessions during this window (schedule permitting).
  • If a site is upgraded to a new major version, a new client will automatically be offered when entering a Webex session for the first time. The installation of the new client is automatic and browser restart is not required.
  • NBR recordings and scheduled meetings all remain intact and available after the upgrade.

The changes may affect site settings. Check the Communications email you receive regarding the updates. This should clearly state when the update/maintenance is to occur, and list details of any planned changes and their impact.

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