How Do I Play Music for Event Participants while Panelists are in a Practice Session?

How do I play music for event participants while panelists are in a practice session?

How do I make an audio announcement to participants while an Event is under a Practice Session?

Is there an option to play hold music while panelists are in a Practice Session during an Event?


The Webex Events service does not have any original capabilities to play music during a Practice Session.


Using an audio loopback tool:


  • Access to a softphone installed on your computer. For example, a Cisco Jabber softphone.
  • An audio loopback tool (VB Audio Driver or Loopback)
  • A music player with music you have the right to play to your audience.

To play music in your events:
  1. Start your Webex event, then connect to the event audio using the softphone installed on your computer.
  2. Select the audio loopback tool in the softphone options for microphone.
  3. Play the audio using a music player.
The loopback tool will input the music being played from your music player in to the softphone mic.

The softphone should now appear as a participant in your event. To start/stop the music at any time, mute/unmute the user, or stop playing the music using your music player.

Using a DynaMetric Box:

  1. Set up a Panelist computer and phone with the DynaMetric box. This can be the same computer that you use to record the session in a WRF format, if desired.
  2. When setting up the DynaMetric box, make sure that the appropriate cord is plugged into the headset jack of the computer.
    • To setup a Dynametric Box.
  3. Dial into the conference using your phone, without entering the Attendee ID. (Just enter # when prompted, this will place you in the Sub-conference where all participants are waiting)
  4. Unmute this line and it will be used to play the hold music.
  5. The Panelist launches Windows Media Player and starts the appropriate play list. This will push the music back into the integrated teleconference for all attendees to hear.
  6. To join Practice Session conference as a Panelist, use a second phone line to dial into the conference by entering your Attendee ID that appears on your screen.

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