How Do I Access the Site Admin Page after Configuring SSO if I can't Log In Using SAML?

How do access the site admin page after configuring SSO if I can't log in using SAML?

How do I log in to site admin if my SSO login is not working?

Is there a way to get to site admin without logging in through SAML SSO?

How do I log in to site admin without using my network login after SSO is enabled?

Site admin accounts will still be able to access through the direct link to the admin page using their existing Webex username and password. The admin page can be accessed from, replacing SITENAME with the actual name of your Webex branded site.

If the admin account did not previously have a password set prior to SSO being enabled, or was created after SSO was enabled, another site admin can:

  • Set a password on the existing account.
  • Set a password during the setup of an account (as soon as the option for Site Administrator is selected on the account).

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