What is Cisco Intelligent Proximity Content Sharing?

Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing

What is Cisco Intelligent Proximity content sharing?

How does content sharing work with Cisco Intelligent Proximity?

How does Cisco Intelligent Proximity work?


Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing

Introduction - Features

Cisco Intelligent Proximity for Meeting Rooms allows you to see, control and capture content from a meeting room, directly on your own device. The feature includes:

  • Easy ad hoc pairing (using ultrasound)
  • See content on device & zoom in on details
  • Go back in content
  • Take snapshots of content
  • Simple call control


  • Android Device: Need v7.5 or later of the Android Webex Meetings app from the Google Play store
  • iOS Device: Need v7.1 or later of the Webex Meetings app from the iTunes App store
  • Cisco TP endpoint on TC7.1 or later (Experimental Only)
  • The Proximity app only works with on-premises registered devices and CE8.0 onwards firmware is supported.
    • In order for the Cisco Proximity to work with the endpoint you have to enable BYOD mode on the endpoint.
      • Settings also available in the WebUI
      • xConfiguration Experimental BYOD Mode: On
      • xConfiguration NetworkServices HTTPS Mode: On
  • The following endpoints are not supported with this feature:
    • Cisco IP Phone 8851 and 8861 and Cisco DX650, DX70, and DX80.

How does it work?

The Cisco Proximity application is paired to the system using ultrasound where it receives details on how to connect to the endpoint over HTTPS. This requires that the handheld Phone or Tablet to be connected to a network (most likely Wifi) where the system is reachable over HTTPS.

  • The device running the Cisco Proximity app must be on a network where it can reach the endpoint on HTTPS in order make it work.
  • Make sure the endpoint is using speakers. The pairing will not work if headphones are connected to the audio output. The must also be capable of generating a 22Khz tone.

Download Cisco Proximity Note:  Proximity is enabled by default if you have downloaded the Webex Meetings and/or Webex Teams desktop apps.

  • Proximity will not work if VoIP is in use.

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