List of Cisco Webex Meetings Cluster and Data Center Location

List of Cisco Webex Meetings Cluster and Data Center Location

Clusters and Data Centers that are in production

Data Center and Cluster list used by Cisco Webex Cloud Collaboration


Cisco Webex Meetings Cluster and Data Center Location:

ClusterData Center Location
AAAshburn, VA
ABAshburn, VA
ACSan Jose, CA
AFDallas Fort Worth, TX
AGFrankfurt, Germany
AILondon, UK
AOToronto, Canada
ATDallas Fort Worth, TX
AUAmsterdam, Netherlands
AVSan Jose, CA
AWSan Jose, CA
AZSydney, Australia
BNew York, NYC
BGFrankfurt, Germany
BILondon, UK
BOToronto, Canada
BQQuebec, Canada
BUAmsterdam, Netherlands
BYTokyo, Japan
CTDallas Fort Worth, TX
CUAmsterdam, Netherlands
CVSan Jose, CA
DTDallas Fort Worth, TX
ETDallas Fort Worth, TX
EVSan Jose, CA
FSan Jose, CA
FTDallas Fort Worth, TX
GTDallas Fort Worth, TX
GUAmsterdam, Netherlands
HTDallas Fort Worth, TX
HUAmsterdam, Netherlands
ILondon, UK
IBSan Jose, CA
IESan Jose, CA
IJSan Jose, CA
JDallas Fort Worth, TX
JTDallas Fort Worth, TX
LDallas Fort Worth, TX
MDallas Fort Worth, TX
MUAmsterdam, Netherlands
MVSan Jose, CA
PYTokyo, Japan
RDallas Fort Worth, TX
RVSan Jose, CA
SSan Jose, CA
SYTokyo, Japan
USan Jose, CA
VVSan Jose, CA
WLondon, UK

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