What Changes are Being Made to the Webex Status Page?

What changes are being made to the Webex Status page?

What are the recent updates made to the Webex Status page?

What are the Latest Updates to https://status.webex.com?


We are making some exciting changes to the look and feel of status.webex.com. You can expect a cleaner, more intuitive interface allowing you the ability to easily locate the information that is important to you. These updates will take effect in October 2021.

Each page within status.webex.com has undergone improvements and we have detailed the major enhancements below. 

Service Status

  • Cleaner layout and display for Webex Services.
  • Webex services are automatically collapsed and users can expand by hovering over the service and clicking with their mouse.
  • If there is an active incident, the affected service(s) will automatically expand making it easier to identify the impacted segment.
  • Posted maintenances are automatically collapsed 

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Incident History 
  • Added a filter for All Webex Services which will include all incidents.
  • Incidents are automatically collapsed requiring less scrolling when searching for an incident.

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  • Added links to help articles for subscribing to releases and announcements and using the search filter.
  • Moved the color category key to the top of the calendar.
  • Added a color category for features that are on a custom schedule.
  • Easier access to the search filter by automatically populating.
  • Improved the naming of the calendar entries making it easier to quickly glance and find an entry.
  • Current releases and announcements are automatically collapsed.
  • Added a Local Time Schedule field which displays the local time where the data center is located.

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