When you invite people to your Personal Room, they can easily find your meetings since the link to your meeting location never changes.

If you're unable to host a meeting in your Personal Room, you can designate a cohost to take over the host role for you.

Invite people to your Personal Room:

  • Share your unique URL through an email message or instant message: You can find your Personal Room URL on your Home page on your Webex site.
  • From within your Personal Room, go to More options More in the meeting controls, select Invite and Remind , and follow the prompts.
  • If you have the Webex integration to Microsoft Outlook in Webex Productivity Tools, invite people through Outlook:
    1. In the Webex toolbar in the Outlook window, select Schedule Personal Room Meeting .

    2. Enter the details for your meeting and then select Send .

A CAPTCHA shows when attendees enter any Personal Room on your site for the first time or when browser cookies are cleared.