To enhance the experience and the capabilities of the device when using audio over IP, we have introduced the AV integrator license. The AV integrator license allows for more customization, and you can connect more microphones directly to the device over IP.

Devices without the AV integrator license:

  • Up to three Cisco IP microphones.

  • Standard set of audio commands and settings.

Devices with the AV integrator license:

  • Up to eight Cisco IP microphones OR eight AES67 streams.

  • Full integrator audio API (only Codec EQ, Room Kit EQ, Room Kit EQX).

  • Audio console application (only Codec EQ, Room Kit EQ, Room Kit EQX).


  • Cisco IP microphone refers to the Cisco Table Microphone Pro (CS-MIC-ARRAY-T=).

  • Room Bar Pro has three PoE ports, Codec EQ has four PoE++ ports, and Room Kit EQX has one or two available PoE++ ports. You can connect the IP microphones either directly to one of the device's PoE ports, or to a compatible IP switch that you have connected to one of the device's PoE ports. Either way, the limits of maximum three and eight Cisco IP microphones / eight AES67 streams remain.

    If using a switch, we recommend the switches covered in the Configuration of Cisco CBS250, CBS350, and C1200 switches for use with Cisco video collaboration devices technical paper.

  • To connect third-party AES67 compatible microphones, read the AES67 interoperability on Room Devices article.

  • The Audio commands section of the Cisco Board, Desk, and Room Series API Reference Guide describes the full audio API. Commands that require the AV integrator license are marked with “AVIntegrator option required."

  • The audio console application, familiar from Codec Pro, is a graphical interface for the setup and configuration of audio chains.

Ordering information

The AV integrator license is part of the Cisco Room License Upgrade Options. Look for L-ROOM-PAK on Cisco Commerce and choose L-KITEQ-AV for Codec EQ and Room Kit EQ, or L-BARPRO-AV for Room Bar Pro. After ordering, you will receive an option key. You can use Control Hub or the local device web interface to install the option key on the device.

Further reading

Find more about the Cisco Table Microphone Pro here: Cisco Table Microphone Pro - Crisp audio for hybrid video meetings .