The first column shows the navigation sidebar, the second shows the list view, and the third shows your selected content.


This is where you find your app-level navigation.

Swipe left to hide the sidebar and create more room for your content, and just swipe right to open the sidebar again.


At the top of the navigation sidebar tap Search, to quickly search through the history of your conversations to find people, spaces you're in, messages you received, and files you need.


You can easily switch between your Messaging, Calling, and Meetings sections. To collapse or expand each section tap the drop-down arrow .

Tap Edit to customize the contents of each section, so you can quickly get to the content you care about. In each section you can select the items you want to see, or drag and drop items into the order you prefer. When you're finished, tap Done.

Status and Preferences

You'll find your Status and Preferences at the bottom of the sidebar. Tap your profile to update your picture or name, access your settings and preferences, and set your availability.


From the bottom of the sidebar you'll also be able to Connect to a Device, just tap .

List View

Here you'll see a list of your spaces, teams, calls or meetings, depending on which item you've selected from the Messaging, Calling or Meetings sections.

People and Spaces

Whenever you have your spaces list open, swipe left on a space or direct message space with another person to see the shortcuts menu, then select from:

  • Peek—peek into the space.

  • Favorite—favorite the space.

  • More—see more options, such as: Hide space, Mute notifications, and Copy Space link.


Tap at the bottom of the spaces list, to see the available filters. Then, select a filter to show just the messages or spaces you want to see.

Start a conversation

To start a conversation tap at the bottom of the list area, and select Send a Direct Message to create a direct message space between you and one other person, select Create a Space to start a group conversation, or select Create a Team to create a team for your projects or department, you can then add people to your team.


Here you'll see any content which matches your selection in the previous column. For example, if you've selected a space from the spaces list, you'll see your messages here.


When you're in a space, tap to access the different activities you can do:

People—see who's in the space.


  • Files—find your shared files, photos and videos.

  • Whiteboards—create and share content on whiteboards.

  • Links—view all links shared in the space.

  • Recordings—see all recordings shared in the space.

Pins—view messages pinned in the space.

Schedule—create a meeting from the space or get a list of meetings scheduled for the space.

Info—see space information.