Cisco Webex linking is a two-step process. The first step links your Webex site to Cisco Webex Control Hub and gives you access to advanced analytics. This is the only step that is required if you just want to use Analytics with your Webex sites. The second step onboards your Webex users to Cisco Webex Teams. This step is required only if you want an easy way to onboard your users to Webex Teams, which provides meeting and messaging features.

If users already exist in Webex Teams, linking them with their Webex account is still required for them to have the new meeting experience in the Webex Teams app.

Advanced Analytics

With Advanced Analytics, you have access to various reports in Cisco Webex Control Hub. You can generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports to track useful information about engagement, audio usage, and meeting quality metrics. You can scroll through the reports preview bar and get a zoomed-in view of each selection. Pro Pack customers get access to more detailed analytics, including 7 days’ worth of meeting diagnostic information, long-term historical reporting, and more.

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The New Webex Teams Meeting Experience

Webex Teams now provides a new meetings experience when you join meetings. The new meetings experience is a set of features that give Webex Teams the same core Cisco Webex Meetings and Webex Personal Room meetings capabilities. Below are just a few of the features that come with the new meetings experience.

  • In Webex meetings and Personal Room meetings, hosts can start and host the meeting directly from the Webex Teams app, using the same controls for recording and managing your meeting that you have in the Webex app.
  • When you join or start a Webex meeting from Webex Teams, you can use phone audio options, including Call In and Call Me options, depending on your Webex account settings.
  • Start Webex Teams meetings from spaces that have the same core Webex meeting capabilities, such as recording, phone audio options, including Call In and the Call Me options, depending on your Webex account settings. Guests can also join the meetings without creating a Webex Teams account.

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Webex Teams Messaging

Webex Teams makes it easy to share or find information, ask questions, and make decisions quickly. Your messages and files are right there in the same space where you start your meetings. Stay organized with a space for every project or conversation—as many spaces as you need. We know you use lots of apps, so we keep Webex Teams open, working with many developers to give you access to integrations and bots.

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Begin the Linking Process

If you have decided to leverage any of the above Webex Teams capabilities, you can get started with this article to begin the enrollment process.