Share your screen

Share your screen so meeting participants know exactly what you're looking at, such as a presentation, documents, or a video.

While in your meeting, tap More, and then tap Share Content.


Choose Optimize for images or Optimize for video, and then tap Share Screen.


Tap Start Broadcast.


Tap the red clock icon , and then tap Stop.


You can also return to the meeting window instead and tap Stop Sharing.

Share a whiteboard

You can open a whiteboard during your meeting, to brainstorm and communicate ideas with your meeting's participants.

While in your meeting, tap More , and then tap Share Content .


Tap Whiteboard.


To stop sharing, tap End, and then choose whether to save your whiteboard to your device's gallery.

Share the built-in camera

When you share video from the built-in camera on your phone, you can zoom in and out to focus on what you want people to see. Participants can annotate while you share.


Tap More > Share Content or Camera > Camera.


Select Camera.

If asked to turn off your camera, tap Stop Video to Share Camera.
Tap Stop Sharing when you don't want to share your camera anymore.

Share and annotate other content

The Meetings app for iOS supports sharing the following file types:

  • Plain text (.txt)

  • Microsoft Office documents (.ppt, pptx, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .csv)

  • Apple iWorks documents (.key, .numbers, .pages)

  • PDF (.pdf)

  • Picture (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .heic, .heif, .tif, .tiff, .gif)

  • ZIP (AR files)

  • USDZ

Sharing audio and video files, including .mp4, isn't supported.

You can share additional content from different sources, such as a Box account or your device's photo gallery.


While in your meeting, tap More , and then tap Share Content .

Choose to share from:

  • Recently Shared files

  • Box files

  • Google Drive files

  • OneDrive files

  • Apple files

  • Photos from your device


Your site administrator must enable sharing from Google Drive, OneDrive, and Apple in order to use this feature.

If you can't share content from OneDrive, you may have more restrictions for your device. Contact the IT administrator of your organization, if so.

You can rotate the content you share by tapping Rotate .


Tap Annotate .


To stop annotating, tap End , and then choose whether to save your annotated content to your device's gallery.

Annotation tools

When a meeting participant shares their screen, or when you share a Box file, photo, or whiteboard, the following annotation tools are available:



Undo the last annotation.

Draw annotations in different brush thicknesses and colors.

Insert text in different colors. When finished typing, tap Done to place the text.

Erase any annotations. You can tap and hold this tool to:

  • Clear My Pointer

  • Clear All Pointers

  • Clear My Annotations

  • Clear All Annotations

Draw attention to part of the screen by placing an arrow or a laser pointer on it.

Draw attention to part of the screen by drawing borders around it.

Tap More > Save to save the annotation to your device's gallery.


You can also Mute yourself while annotating content.

Remote control shared content

When someone shares content from the Meetings desktop app, you can take control of the shared content remotely. By taking remote control, you can manage the shared content for the presenter or collaborate on the shared content without having to switch between different presenters.

If you're using an iPhone, first go to Settings > General and tap Remote Control to turn it on. If you're using an iPad, Remote Control is turned on by default.


While someone is sharing, tap Remote Control , and then tap Request.


When the presenter accepts your request, tap Take Control and then tap the screen.

You can now control the shared content. The presenter can regain control by clicking their screen, or you can tap Remote Control again to give back control.

Use augmented reality (AR) to share 3D files

AR object sharing requires an iPhone or iPad with an A9 processor or later.

The following devices are supported for AR object sharing:

  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

  • iPhone SE

  • iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, or 12.9 first and second generation

  • iPad (2017)

  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

  • iPhone X

You can place, resize, and rotate virtual objects anywhere in your immediate physical area, such as a conference room desk, a factory floor, or a wall. Then, as a presenter, you can walk around objects in real time, showing your attendees the virtual objects from all angles.

To download sample AR files, see Webex mobile app augmented reality (AR) file downloads.

For more info on converting computer-aided design drawings in 3DS format to SCN files, see Create SCN files from CAD 3DS drawings.

To share a 3D file, go to More, and then tap Share Content. Then, select the location of the file.

When you share a 3D file, you can:

  • Rotate the object by using two fingers to turn it.

  • Shrink or enlarge the object by using a two-finger pinch or spread.

  • View the object from other angles by moving around it with your device.