Create SCN Files from CAD 3DS Drawings

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile for iOS uses SceneKit Scene Document (SCN) files in its augmented reality (AR) sharing. If you have CAD drawing, you can convert it to the SCN format in order to take advantage of the AR feature on your mobile iOS device.

To convert a CAD drawing into an SCN file

  1. Using 3D creation and editing software, such as Blender (https:/​/​​) or other tools, create a new Scene.

  2. Import the CAD 3DS file into your new Scene.

  3. If there are any unnecessary objects in the 3D file, you can edit or delete them.

  4. Export the drawing as a Collada digital asset exchange (DAE) file.

  5. Import the DAE file into an integrated development environment (IDE), such as Apple Xcode (https:/​/​​xcode/​), or file conversion software that can convert DAE files to SCN files.

  6. Export the file in SCN format.

  7. If you are using Xcode or other software capable of editing SCN files, you can correct wrong coordinates, add missing data, or add textures.

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