Use Tab and Shift + Tab to navigate between areas in the app. You’ll know an area is in focus when it’s surrounded by a blue outline, and you can do the following:

  • Use Up and Down arrows to navigate through messages, spaces, or other menu items in your app.

  • Use Space or Enter to select items.


When you have focus is in the message area, use Up and Down arrows to move through messages in a space. You can then use the following shortcuts:

  • Shift + Up arrow to quickly edit your last message.

  • Control + Shift + N to scroll to new messages.

  • Control + Shift + R to scroll to new replies.

  • Shift + Down arrow to scroll to the bottom of the space.

Actions on a Message

With your focus on a message, use Enter to select the message. You can then use these one-key shortcuts to quickly take actions:

  • S to forward the message.

  • Delete to remove/delete the message, (if it's your message or you're a space moderator).

  • Esc to clear selected messages.

Compose a Message

When you move focus to the compose message area, use Tab to highlight the first option on the toolbar.

You can use Right and Left arrows, to navigate through the toolbar options, such as: Attachment, Screen capture, Format text, Emojis, Gifs, @ Mentions, and Personal Room Invite.

To select an option, use Control + Option + Space/Enter.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use Command + / to see a list of some of the available keyboard shortcuts. For detailed information, see Keyboard Navigation and Shortcuts.

Use a Screen Reader

You can also use the built-in screen reader on your Mac to navigate conversations, read messages, and access information. To enable, go to System Preferences > Accessibility > VoiceOver.

The screen reader will inform you, when you are entering certain areas and how to perform actions, such as:

  • When you enter the compose message area the screen reader reads Write a message to… and then provide the name of the space you are in.

  • In the compose message toolbar, the screen reader tells you to use Control + Option + Space/Enter to select and activate an option.

  • When you select a message, the screen reader reads the sender's name, time and date, if the message is pinned or flagged, how many thread replies the message has, the number of reactions and how to reply to the thread.

  • In the message reactions menu, the screen reader reads out the different reactions available and offers the option to add a reaction.