You can connect your Bluetooth headset to your Board Pro 55, Board Pro 75, Desk, Desk Mini, Desk Pro, DX70, DX80, Room Bar, and Room Bar Pro. You can pair multiple headsets to your device, but only one can be used at a time. The connection range is up to 10 m (30 ft). If you move outside the range when in a call, the audio switches to the speakers on the device.

Most headsets have built in volume controls. When you’re in a call, the volume of the headset and device is synchronized. Outside a call, the volume buttons on the headset and device operate independently.

You can do the following from your Bluetooth headset:

  • Answer incoming calls

  • Reject incoming calls

  • Hang up calls

  • Volume up and down

  • Some headsets have mute control. This operates independently from the mute control on the device.

USB Bluetooth dongle

It’s possible to connect your Bluetooth headset using a dongle. This gives you better audio quality. On the down side, there’s no synchronization of headset volume and the volume on your Desk device when using a dongle.

To see which Bluetooth dongles we’ve tested and recommend, see Headsets and handsets supported for Board, Desk, and Room devices .

Pairing Your Bluetooth Headset

  1. Activate Bluetooth pairing on the headset.

  2. Open the Device settings menu on your device and scroll to Bluetooth .

    If Bluetooth is disabled, toggle it ON.

  3. When your device discovers the Bluetooth headset, the headset shows up in the device list. Select your headset from the list and the pairing begins. It may take a few seconds for the pairing to complete.

  4. When the pairing is completed, your headset is listed as connected.

Switch Between Devices

You can switch between the speaker on the device, and the devices that are connected through Bluetooth or USB. Select the icon in the status bar on the touch interface, and choose from the available devices. The icon on the status bar depends on which output your device is currently using.



USB headset


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