In the app header of the web app, click Webex Suite menu button to open the Webex Suite menu, and then click Open Webex Suite Settings.


To update your personal information, beside Profile click Edit and then update your information as required.

  • Click Display Name, type your new display name and then click Save.
  • Click First/Last Name, type your first and last name and then click Save.
  • Click Email, sign in to your account, enter and confirm your new email address and then click Submit.
  • Click Address, update your address details and then click Save.

To manage your security information, beside Security click Edit and then update your settings as required.

  • Click Password, type your new account password and then click Save.
  • Click Devices if you want review the recent device sessions active on your account. Click End Session to end any active device session.
  • Click Enable Multi-Factor Authentication, and then select Enable Multi-Factor Authentication to set up MFA. If you enable MFA, you'll be signed out automatically and prompted to configure your MFA settings when you sign in again.
  • Click Social Sign-In, and then select one of the social network options to configure sign-in with your social account. Webex redirects you to your social network platform, where you must enter your credentials.

To manage settings related to your plan, beside Webex Calling and Devices click Edit, sign in using your credentials and manage your settings as required.


To edit your people insights profile, beside People Insights click Edit and manage your settings as required. Click Save when you're done.


At the bottom of the screen, click Open to sign in to the available Webex Suite applications in a new browser tab, or click Get help to access help documentation.