Webex App displays some web-based content using an embedded browser. Microsoft has released a new embedded browser WebView2 that is recommended for Windows applications.

In the next few months, WebView2 will become a prerequisite for using Webex App on Windows. Webex App will attempt to download and install WebView2 whenever possible. We recommend that administrators proactively install WebView2 on users' computers, to control the rollout schedule.

What you need to know:

  • WebView2 is based on Microsoft Edge and includes improved performance.

  • WebView2 enables Webex App to have lower memory usage, a smaller footprint on disk and faster updates.

  • WebView2 takes approximately 15 seconds to download, depending on networks.

  • Webex App will not install WebView2 in VDI environments. Administrators must install WebView2 in VDI environments before updating to the June 2022 (Webex App version 42.6).


  • March 2022 (Webex App version 42.3)

    • Existing installations of Webex App will attempt to install WebView2 on any computer that doesn’t already have it.

  • April 2022 (Webex App version 42.4)

    • New installations of Webex App on Windows will install WebView2 if it is not already installed, based on an optional command line parameter.

    • The app will default to WebView2 to display embedded web content but will fall back to other technologies if WebView2 is not available.

    • The app will continue to attempt to install WebView2 on machines that don’t have it.

  • June 2022 (Webex App version 42.6)

    • WebView2 will be the only embedded browser supported by Webex App on Windows.

    • Users without WebView2 will be blocked from signing in to the app until WebView2 is available on their machines.

    • The app will continue to attempt to install WebView2 on machines that don’t have it.