View Upcoming Events and Training Sessions

Events and training sessions that you're invited to attend or are schedule to host are listed in My Meetings.

To view information, tap the entry to view the:

  • Info- event or training session information and registration information

  • Panelist Information- information, if provided by the host, about panelists who are going to be present

  • Event Material or Course Material- materials attached to the event or training session if provided by the host. If registration is required, attendees who haven't registered can't access the materials

  • Audio Connection- information about connecting to the event or training session's audio

Connect to Events and Training Sessions

You can only start training sessions from your mobile device. If you're the host of an event, start the event on your laptop or desktop computer.

To join the event as a participant, you can join just as you would a meeting. If registration is required, tap Join Meeting from the app home page, enter the event or training session number, and register for the meeting in the page that opens.

Interact During Events and Training Sessions

While the event is in progress, you can view shared presentations. If the host has enabled it, you can also chat with other participants. To chat, tap Participants , and then tap the participant who you want to chat with.

To ask a question, tap More > Q&A. Select the person who you want to address the question, type your question, and then tap Send. To view answers to your questions, tap My Q&A.

To answer a question, tap More, and then tap the question that you want to answer. Type your answer, select whether you want to answer the question privately or for all attendees, and then tap Send.

To manage participant roles, tap Participants , tap the participant to change the role for, and then choose whether to make them a:

  • Host

  • Presenter

  • Panelist

  • Attendee

You can expel participants from an event or training session by tapping Participants , tapping the participant to expel, and then tapping Expel.

If there's only one participant left, the app automatically ends the event or training session after the scheduled end time.

Breakout Session Support

iPad users can join, attend, and present content during a Webex Training breakout session. The following limitations include:

  • Users can't send and receive video.

  • Users can't participate in polling during the breakout session. However, they can still return to the main training session and participate in polling there.

  • Users can't be the host of the breakout session while on their iPad.

  • Q&A isn't supported during a breakout session.