Open the Cisco Webex Meeting desktop app and click Use as guest.


Enter your name and email address, if necessary, and then click Continue.

Windows: If you use Microsoft Outlook as your local calendar and are signed in to your Microsoft account, the Upcoming Meetings list shows meetings that were scheduled through your Outlook calendar.

Mac: The first time that you use the desktop app, click Import Outlook Meetings, and then sign in to your Microsoft account to add your meetings to the desktop app.

If you want to change your name or email address, click .


To join a meeting, do one of the following:

  • Enter the meeting link, meeting number, or video address in the Join a Meeting field and then click Join.
    Join a Meeting
  • Click the Join button next the meeting name in the Upcoming Meetings list.
    Upcoming Meetings list

    The Join button appears just before the meeting is scheduled to start.

The meeting preview window appears.


You can change your name and email address by clicking the pencil icon next to Join meeting as [Your Name].

If you're on versions 41.2 and earlier, you can change your name and email address by clicking your name in the upper left of the preview window.


Connect your audio and video so that other attendees can hear and see you.


If you’re near a video device, you can connect to it to join the meeting:

  1. Click Connect to a device and select the device that you want to connect to.

    Connect to a device
  2. Enable Join meeting using this video system toggle, if necessary.

  3. The desktop app calls the device you’re connected to. Select Answer on your connected device.


If you’re connected to an on-premises device, you can share content to a video device that you’re connected to when you’re not in a meeting. Click Share on Device.