Choose one of the following options:

  • Make a call—Go to your active line , choose your boss' line from the list, and then proceed with a video or audio call. The lines are easily identifiable by the associated phone numbers and descriptions.

    Make and answer calls on your boss' behalf with Webex

    After you make your selection, every outgoing call you make uses your new active line. You can change the active line again at any time.

    The call is made using your boss' caller ID.

  • Answer a call—When you have an incoming call, the notification includes a description that lets you know the call is intended for your boss. You can choose whether to answer or decline that call. After you answer the call, you can handle the call the same way you'd handle any other call. For example, you can make it a conference call, screen the call and then, if appropriate, transfer the call to your boss.