Issues Resolved in RoomOS March Drop 1

Release ID: RoomOS 2020-02-24 4fe8516fb6e

No customer found issues resolved.

Issues Resolved in RoomOS February Drop 1

Release ID: RoomOS 2020-01-31 85237a267b4

  • CSCvs41783 - Codec Pro has a beeping sound in standby mode when connected to Cisco Explorer 4642HD and HDCP is enabled.

  • CSCvs44975 - Serial port Baud rate for Cisco Webex Codec Pro isn’t configurable.

  • CSCvs53561 - First call on Webex Room 70 G2 after upgrade is missing audio and left display is black.

  • CSCvs61517 - Room Kit Mini used as a webcam for a Windows laptop results in no video feed.

Issues Resolved in RoomOS January Drop 1

Release ID: RoomOS 2020-01-10 cdf8762390f

  • CSCvs43525 - Device crashes during calls due to performance issues.

  • CSCvs41898 - 'Cancel' option isn’t available after calling someone from a Room Series device.

Issues Resolved in RoomOS December Drop 2

Release ID: RoomOS 2019-12-16 285a7f8edd1

  • CSCvs11273 - Devices crash with error: "Fatal: No buffer available for message of size x"

  • CSCvr51008 - Touch 10 stage view isn’t properly updated after adding to call while a wireless share is started.

  • CSCvr72860 - Executing a command in Developer API on local web interface doesn't work.

  • CSCvr97886 - Clicking the Auto refresh button on Call Control page on the local web interface can generate multiple requests. The auto refresh can’t be disabled in this state by clicking the auto refresh button.

  • CSCvs17682 - TRC6 shortcut key sequences should be disabled.

  • CSCvs38514 - SNMP configuration migration is broken.

Issues Resolved in RoomOS December Drop 1

Release ID: RoomOS 2019-11-25 d77823b4a64

  • CSCvr36585 - MX700, MX800, and SX80 crash with "Got null pointer deference".

  • CSCvs11273 - Devices crash with error: "Fatal: No buffer available for message of size x".

  • CSCvq92198 - Custom wallpaper doesn’t update if a Room Kit or Room Kit Mini is in standby.

  • CSCvr22560 - When enabling 802.x authentication with an uploaded certificate, the authentication doesn't work unless the registered device’s name is manually added.

  • CSCvr53710 - Touch 10 and Control Hub displays: "Unable to verify the ultrasound signal which enables pairing with phones and laptops." even though connecting with ultrasound works.

  • CSCvs26569 - DTMF delay of 15-20 seconds when entering a conference or voice mail code out of Australian region.

  • In Companion Mode, timeouts for devices returning to half-wake and standby mode may not follow device configurations.

Issues Resolved in RoomOS November Drop 1

Release ID: RoomOS 2019-11-04 464775546f8

  • CSCvr12338 - Facility Service button available on the user interface when the device is in an active call.

  • CSCvr44647 - Entering the sequence *#**1 on the TRC6 remote control disables the use of a remote control.

  • CSCvr45080 - Whiteboard saved with 12hr time format on Webex Board 55 when language set to English and the board is set to 24h time format.

  • CSCvr46703 - In the Macro Editor for Room Kit Plus, "Saving Macro" is still visible after getting error for saving a macro.

  • CSCvr49008 - CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) is auto enabled after being disabled.

  • CSCvr69971 - Upcoming meeting not visible on Touch 10 even though the meeting shows up as OBTP when it’s starting.