Polling in Slido

Slido is available in Cisco Webex Meetings on version 41.6 and later sites. This feature is available on an independent release cycle. Check status.webex.com/maintenance to see when it will be available on your site. To find the version of Webex Meetings that you're using, see Find Your Cisco Webex Meetings Version Number.

Polls are a great way for hosts to get input from meeting participants. Use them to engage your audience, test knowledge, and ask for feedback.

As a host, create and launch polls directly from Webex Meetings by clicking Apps > Slido.

If you want to create polls before the meeting or add a guest collaborator to help you create and run the polls, go to https://www.slido.com, click Log In > Log in with Webex, and enter your Webex username and password.

During the meeting, the host or guest collaborator can activate polls. Participants can view and answer the questions.

There are a few different types of polls hosts can create, including single poll questions, quizzes, and surveys.

Meeting host

Here are the tasks you can perform as a host:


Here is the task you can perform as a participant:

Answer a poll

Known Issues and Limitations

Learn about known issues and limitations for Slido in Webex Meetings.