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Outlook Toolbar is Missing and does not Appear in Disabled Items

Outlook toolbar is missing and does not appear in disabled items.

Outlook integration is not visible after launching Outlook and is not present in disabled items.

Webex Desktop App is not displayed in add-ins or disabled items.


Operating System: Microsoft Windows


Close Microsoft Office prior to performing the steps in this article.

To resolve the issue:

  1. In the Type here to search field on the taskbar, type Webex Desktop App and press Enter.
The Webex Desktop App launches.
  1. Click the Settings icon, then click Preferences.
The Preferences window appears.
  1. Check the Microsoft Outlook box under Calendar, then click Apply.
  2. Launch Outlook.


If the problem persists, contact Webex technical support: WBX162 - How Do I Contact Webex Customer Services or Technical Support?

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