Webex Assistant and automated closed captions for all paid-plans are available for 41.7 and later sites. These features are on an independent release schedule. Check status.webex.com/maintenance to see when it will be available on your site.

Webex Assistant

  • Webex Assistant is available for all paid Meetings plans. As a host, you can save meeting and event highlights and create actionable items. Refer back to these items on your Webex site and share them with people who couldn’t attend to your meeting or event.

  • Use voice commands to automatically create meeting notes, highlights, and actionable items instead of doing it manually during your meeting or event.

  • Webex Assistant is not available for Webex for Government.

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Automated closed captions

  • As a host, if you need the assistance of closed captions during your meeting or event, but are discussing highly confidential topics, you can show closed captions during a meeting or event without creating post-meeting assets.

  • As a host, you can turn on closed captions with or without Webex Assistant. Closed captions will only appear to the meeting or webinar participant who has turned them on.

  • Closed captions are available to all participants with paid Meetings plans or guests attending events with hosts who have paid plans. Participants can turn on closed captions for their own use during a meeting or webinar.

  • Real-time translation is available as a purchased add-on to Meetings plans. If you don’t speak English or have trouble understanding the speaker, we can translate English to more than 100 other languages in closed captions. Real-time translation is not available for Webex for Government.

  • Closed captions are available for Webex for Government.

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