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What Event Features are Supported in Webex Meetings Application for iOS?

What Event features are supported in Webex Meetings application for iOS?

What features work on an iPad / iPhone in Event sessions?

What are the features and functionality of Events on iOS devices?

What Event features work on an iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch?

What are the limitations of Events on iOS devices?


The following Event features are supported in Webex Meetings application:

  • Join Webex Event sessions as a panelist or attendee
  • Events will appear in the meeting list, but cannot be started from mobile devices
  • Attendees can ask questions (Q&A)
  • Panelists can answer questions (Q&A)
  • Audio broadcast
  • Registration for the events will be through mobile browser, joining from mobile browser will launch the app
  • iOS users can join Video-enabled Event sessions
  • Proximity and video call features are enabled on mobile to connect to events

The Event limitations in Webex Meetings application are as follows:

  • Event sessions cannot be scheduled from the mobile app
  • Hosts cannot start events
  • Practice sessions are not supported, and iOS panelists cannot join practice sessions
  • If the host starts a practice session, mobile panelists/attendees cannot see the shared content/video, and cannot chat

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