Enable and locate your host phone for hoteling

Before you begin

Your administrator has to set up a guest account for you. The hoteling feature is applicable only to primary lines, and not applicable to shared lines.


Go to https://settings.webex.com and select Webex Calling.


From the calling user portal, go to Call Settings > Additional Features and turn on Hoteling.


Search for the name or number of the person whose phone (host) you want to use.


(Optional) To limit the time a guest can be associated to the host phone, check Limit association period.


(Optional) You can log out automatically by selecting the number of hours before logout.


Then, click Save.


Restart the phone to enable the Guest in and Guest out softkeys.


Want to see how it's done? Watch this video demonstration on how to enable and locate your host phone for hoteling in the calling user portal.

Sign into a guest phone

Before you begin


Press Guest in and then enter your extension as your user ID and your voicemail PIN as your password.

The password field uses two types of input methods: alphanumeric and numeric. While you type in the password, you see the Options softkey on the phone. You can use this softkey to change the current password input type. Select Input all for alphanumeric input and select Input num for numeric entry.


Press Save.

Sign out of a guest phone

Press Guest out and then Sign out.

If you see the Sign in softkey, you know you're signed out.