Existing Design

New Design

The new Webex App UI is based on the following principles:

  • Seamless Flow—a design foundation based on roundness and curves

  • Vibrant Energy—uplifting colors, gentle gradients, motion, and updated illustration

  • Intuitive Focus—open composition and intuitive layouts, with the refined look, help you focus on what matters most.

The first thing you’ll notice for Webex App on iPad, is the new navigation area:

  • Flexible and adaptable—individual expression through a customizable interface

You'll also see some improvements to accessibility, such as:

  • An increase to the minimum font size throughout the app.

  • Core UI components designed for each platform

  • Standardized icons, buttons, visual indicators, and other UI elements.

  • Color contrast improvements.

UI Elements and Icons

Nearly every element in Webex App has seen an update as part of this UI refresh. From input and check boxes to buttons and tabs, we’ve modernized each element in the app. We’ve also taken the opportunity to consolidate the app icons into a smaller more flexible set, which benefits both performance and usability.

Our profile and presence icons have also seen an update. Now you’ll see presence indicated at the lower right of your profile picture with new or updated icons:

Themes, Colors and Gradients

We’ve added Indigo and Rose themes, to round out our selection, each theme is available in a dark and light version. Dark mode is still the default theme option, and we’ve given light theme an overhaul.

The main sections of the app have been updated with gradient backgrounds, so these areas now flow together seamlessly, removing the need for harsh divider lines.

We’ve also added new cover images that look great on your contact cards and spaces.

Dark Mode for Meetings

Dark mode brings out the best in video, adding a dramatic and cinematic quality to your meetings. We've added a new setting that enables you to view your desktop-based Webex Meetings in dark mode, even if you normally use a light theme.

Always use dark theme is enabled by default as of version 41.11 and can be found in Settings > Appearance (on Mac: Preferences > Appearance).


Webex App for iPad has also received significant changes to navigation and layout. For more information, see iPad user interface redesign.