Your Cisco Desk Camera is designed to function out of the box. You can also adjust the image settings to meet your network or video image requirements.


Because of the limitations of macOS, the camera settings are reset to the default if you reconnect the camera with the Cisco Accessory Hub desktop app closed. Keep the app open to persist your customization when you reconnect the camera.

Table 1. The parameters for image settings




Choose a preset in the drop-down list or customize the settings.

You can't change the Contrast and Saturation settings when using a preset. To customize your settings, choose Custom in the drop-down list.

Default: Natural (Default)

Options: Natural (Default), Vibrant, Custom


If necessary, adjust the contrast value to improve the image clarity.

Drag the slider left to decrease image contrast or right to increase contrast.


A proper saturation setting makes your image look vivid.

Drag the slider left or right to set your desired color tone.


Enables or disables automatic focus.

In autofocus mode, the camera adjusts the lens to focus on the subject within the camera view.

If the autofocus mode is turned off, you can manually adjust focus. Drag the slider left to make the lens focus closer, and right to focus further.

Default: On

Auto white balance

Enables or disables automatic white balance.

When auto mode is on, the camera examines the lighting condition and determines the colors to render the image.

When the auto mode is off, you can use the slider to adjust the white balance manually and get your intended image colors.

Default: On


Adjust the brightness setting when your image gets underexposure or overexposure.

Drag the slider left to decrease the brightness or right to increase the brightness.


Adjusts the sharpness level. A proper sharpness level renders the image details clearly.

Drag the slider left to smooth the image or right to sharpen the image.

Auto anti-flicker

Some artificial lighting, like fluorescent lights, causes flickers in video images. By default, the camera automatically detects the flickering light in the environment and minimizes the flickering impact on image quality.

If the default auto mode doesn't eliminate the flickers, toggle the switch off and try with the available options to optimize the image quality.

Default: On

Options for manual mode: 50 Hz, 60 Hz

Before you begin

  • Install the Cisco Accessory Hub desktop app on your computer.

  • Open the camera shutter. You can't change the settings with the shutter closed.


Open the Cisco Accessory Hub desktop app.


Click your camera on the Accessories tab to open the accessory settings.


Go to the Image settings tab and configure the settings as needed:


(Optional) If you want to reset all the customization on the Image settings tab to the defaults, click Reset.