You can generate reports that provide information about each meeting, event, or session that you have hosted on your site.


Sign in to your Cisco Webex site and in Modern View, select your name in the upper-right of your Webex site, and then select My reports .


Depending on your Webex plan, you may not see My reports available on your site.


You can select the report you want to generate.

  • All Services: View usage, such as attendance, duration, attendee audio connection types, and more across all your meetings.

    Participants who connect to audio appear twice in the exported report. The first entry includes information about the participant, including whether they were invited or registered for the meeting. The second entry includes the audio connection type in the Audio Type column.


    If a participant joined with multiple audio connections or changed their connection, they have more entries for those audio connections.

  • Access Anywhere: View usage information for your Access Anywhere sessions.
  • Webex Meetings: View a list of attendees who downloaded or viewed a meeting recording and provide reports on session information.
  • Webex Events: View the list of attendees, attendance information, registration information, downloads event recordings, and send reminder emails before the event.
  • Webex Support: Report on session information for selected Queue(s) or CSR(s)
  • Webex Training: View attendance, invitation, registration information, recordings, and live sessions for your trainings.

Specify your search criteria and select Display Report .


Click a link to see report details.


To export the report data in comma-separated values (CSV) format, select Export Report or Export .