To add a room or desk device to a workspace, see Add Shared Devices to a Place for more information.

To add a room or desk device to a user, see Assign a Personal Webex Room or Desk Device to a User, but keep in mind that personal room and desk devices can only be used for Webex Teams calls and meetings. They can't be used to make (or receive) calls to people outside your organization using a phone number or use extension-based calling from the device.

Before you begin

You have to add users to your organization in Cisco Webex Control Hub before you can add a device to them. See Add Users Manually in Cisco Webex Control Hub.
  • If you're adding an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) with more than one port, each port is treated as a separate device in Cisco Webex Control Hub.

  • If you want to add a Cisco desk phone, your organization requires a Cisco Webex subscription that includes calling.

  • If you're adding an ATA, you must configure all network settings before activating the device.

    After you activate the device, you can't access or change these network settings. Here are a few examples of available network settings: VLAN, IP address, and subnet mask.


From the customer view in, go to Devices, and then select New Device.


Select Existing User, and then select Next.


Start typing the username in the drop-down list, choose the right user you want to add a device to, and then select Next.


Select the device you want to add, enter the MAC address if necessary, and choose Next.


Use the 16-digit code to activate the device.