Cross Waffle Patterns While Sharing Application or Desktop on Windows 8 or 10

Cross waffle patterns while sharing application or desktop on Windows 8 or 10.

Attendees see cross hatched patterns, during desktop share.

Attendees see visual distortions while desktop sharing on a Windows 10.

Screen has cross hatched patterns when sharing an application or desktop on Windows 8 or 10.

This is an expected behavior while sharing desktop/application.

The crosshatched patterns are the shadows of the floating panels (such as chat and participant list), that are displayed on top of the shared desktop/application. Refer to the screenshots below:

Host's view:

User-added image

Attendee's view:
User-added image
The host is notified about this behavior through a message that populates when the host starts sharing. Refer to the screen shot below:
User-added image
The host can move the panels (to be non-obstructive) or enable clear-view mode.

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