What are the CCA-SP Error Messages?

What are the CCA-SP error messages?

What do the CCA-SP error messages mean?

How do I resolve CCA-SP error messages?

See table below for CCA-SP Portal related error messages and recommended actions:

Error MessagesMeaningRecommended Action
gemini.cbgs.notes.errorMsg.getListErrorThere was an error while loading the note list.Contact Cisco TAC
gemini.cbgs.notes.errorMsg.maxLengthThe note exceeds the maximum length of 2048 characters.Edit the note to reduce its length.
gemini.tds.numbers.export.result.failedThe Portal experienced an error in exporting phone numbers.Contact Cisco TAC
firstTimeWizard.csvMaxSizeErrorFile size selected for importing into the Portal is above the maximum of 10 MB.Select a different file or edit the desired file to reduce its size.
firstTimeWizard.csvFileTypeErrorThe selected file is not a .csv file.Re-save the file as a .csv file or select a different one.
gemini.tds.numbers.import.resultMsg.noItemFoundThe portal did not find any valid telephone numbers in the file selected for import.Edit the file so that it contains at least one valid telephone number or select a different one.
gemini.tds.numbers.import.resultMsg.exceedMaxThe number of new telephone numbers in the imported file exceed the maximum number of 300. The excess has been discarded.Cancel the request, edit the file to reduce the number of telephone numbers to 300 or less, and reimport.

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