Troubleshooting Webex App and Service Meeting List Issues

Troubleshooting Webex app and service meeting list issues.

How do I troubleshoot the Webex app vs. service meeting list issues?

To troubleshoot the Webex app vs. Service Meeting List:

Meeting does not appear
  • The meeting is more than 7 days in the past or beyond 31 days (5weeks) in the future.
  • Meetings with more than 1500 invitees are not included in the meeting list.
  • Meeting list is currently limited to a five-week window.
  • User has not accepted the invitation.
Missing meeting No meetings or appointments show up for the user on any client.Service side issue, the hybrid calendar service isn't set up or enabled for the user.
Meeting information is missingMeeting information shows on one client but not on another client.Potential client-side issue. Submit feedback logs.
Missing or duplicate meetings Instances of recurring series.Service side issue. Notify support.
Potential cause: Calendar service.
Meeting join is missingThe information shows on multiple clients.Service side issue. Notify support.
Potential cause: Calendar service.
Declined meeting appearsIf a user declines a meeting but does not send the response to the organizer, the meeting will not be removed from the meeting list.Currently not supported.

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