Troubleshooting Webex Announcement Spaces

Troubleshooting Webex Announcement Spaces.

The visual modifications are not visible in a Webex Announcement Space.

Space moderators may choose to turn on Announcement mode, which immediately modifies the space to limit the creation of new content to moderators.
All other participants may only consume the content. Moderators may choose to turn this mode off so the space reverts to typical use.

New content includes but is not limited to:
  • Posting messages
  • Posting files
  • Create whiteboards
  • Schedule meetings
  • Start calls
  • Bind to a Webex board

  • If the client is outdated, visual modifications may not be seen, and error alerts produced will be non-descriptive. Best practice is to update to the latest client version.
  • Support for developer APIs is in progress and will shortly follow the release of this feature. This may result in a short window that maintains the ability to circumvent Announcement mode via APIs to create new content as a participant.
  • Bots and Integrations designated as space moderators will have the same privilege to create new content as other space moderators

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