How Do I Get Webex International Phone Numbers Enabled for a Meeting?

Cisco Webex offers several international teleconferencing options.

How do I get Webex international phone numbers enabled for a meeting?

How do I have a Webex teleconference with my international business partners?

How do I set up a meeting with global telephony?

How do I allow local dial-in numbers for my participants?



  • Host: If you do not see this option during scheduling, contact your Site Administrator or Cisco Support for further assistance. See the following article: How Do I Get Help with Webex?.
  • Attendee: If you don't see the Global call-in numbers, contact your meeting host for further assistance.

Webex offers several international teleconferencing options. The desired option must be selected during the scheduling process, or it will not be available during your meeting.
  • Global Call-In: Webex offers local toll and toll-free dial-in numbers in several countries. With this method, your attendees will dial phone numbers in their respective region(s) to connect to the teleconference. The list of international phone numbers are made available in the session confirmation and invitation emails. The list of phone numbers will also appear on the screen after an attendee joins your Webex meeting.
  • Global Callback: With this method, all attendees will be prompted to enter their phone numbers after they join the Webex meeting. Webex will then call each person to connect them to the teleconference. There are even more countries available when this method is used. Call-in is also available if this method is used.

To use the international dialing options, select Allow access to teleconference via international local call-in numbers or Display global call-in numbers in the Audio Conference section of the meeting scheduler.

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