Where are the Webex Data Centers and iPOP Locations?

Where are the Webex data centers and iPOP locations?

Where are Webex data centers located?


The Webex Meetings data centers and Internet Point of Presence (iPOP) are currently located in the following countries:

Data Centers:

North AmericaCalifornia, USA
Texas, USA
Illinois, USA
Virginia, USA
New York, USA
Toronto, Canada
Montreal, Canada
EuropeAmsterdam, Netherlands
London, UK
Frankfurt, Germany
Asia PacificBangalore, India
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan

IPOP (Internet Points of Presence)
North AmericaCalifornia, USA (Los Angeles & San Jose)
New York, USA
Texas, USA
EuropeAmsterdam, Netherlands
Asia PacificSydney, Australia
The User-Generated information is stored in the data center closest to the user’s location, or as provided during the ordering process. The billing data is stored in Texas, USA and North Carolina, USA, and the Webex Analytics data is stored in California, USA and Texas, USA. For free user accounts, the data may be stored in a Webex data center outside the account holder’s region.

Note: The Webex Meetings data center locations may change from time to time.

For more information on Cross-Border Data Transfers, see: Cisco Webex Meetings Privacy Data Sheet

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