How Do I Edit a Single Occurrence of a Recurring Meeting?

Use this article if you need to edit a single occurrence of a recurring meeting.

How do I edit a single occurrence of a recurring meeting?

What happens when I need to reschedule one meeting of a recurring meeting?

How do I edit one instance of a recurring Cisco Webex Meetings?

Can I edit one occurrence of a recurring Webex Training?


Note: This option will be disabled by default on the site. This fix requires XMLAPI 7.4.0 EP1, which may impact backward compatibility.

You can only edit meetings scheduled from the Microsoft Outlook, and Webex App from the respective platform. The edit icon doesn't appear for these meetings.


Webex Meetings Only

The recurring meeting series functionality has been enhanced. Users can now create exceptions to a recurring meeting series.

  • Users can now navigate through each instance of a recurring meeting. (Meeting instances are listed separately in list/calendar views)
  • Users can create exceptions to series meetings.
  • When editing/deleting a particular instance, users will have the option to edit/delete that particular occurrence or the entire series.

To edit a single occurrence of a recurring meeting:

  1. Log in to your Webex Web site. (Example:
  2. Click on Calendar in the left navigation bar.
User-added image
  1. Select the Upcoming tab.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the dates; if you do not see the occurrence of the meeting you want to update, change the dates to include the specific meeting you want to edit.
  3. Click on the title of the meeting you would like to edit.
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  1. Click on the Edit icon.
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  1. Select, Edit only this meeting, then click OK.
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  1. Make the desired changes, then click Save.
This instance of the meeting will now be updated.

Note: If you want to cancel, instead of edit a single occurrence of a recurring meeting, you must select the Cancel icon on the editing page, then repeat Step 7 and Step 8:
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Note: The icon to the right of the meeting topic will have a line through it, indicating that the meeting was modified and is an exception to the series:
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Additional Information:

  • Two instances of a series cannot occur on the same day.
  • An exception meeting cannot be moved beyond the next (or previous) instance in the series.
  • Editing the recurrence pattern of (or canceling) the entire series will delete any existing exception meetings.
  • Series meeting instances share a common join link/meeting number.
  • The link/meeting number will always take the user to the current meeting instance. (I.e., the next upcoming meeting, including exceptions.)
  • Users who are invited to a particular exception only will have a different join link/meeting number which will link directly to that particular exception.

See the following article to check the version of your Webex site: (Finding Your Webex Version Number)

See the workaround below:


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